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For makeyourlist - 17.2. Vacation & 18.2. Enemies

17.2. Make a list of things you bring with you on vacation.

1. a way I can be contacted in case they're cancelling my leave (regulations -- have to do this. *sigh*)
2. skateboard or surfboard, depends on where I'm heading
3. golf clubs
4. bag packed with my really casual clothes I hardly ever get to wear anymore

That's about it -- I'm a pretty easygoing guy, especially on vacation. Haven't been on one for a bit, but...

18.2. Make a list of enemies.

1. The Wraith
2. The Replicators
3. Acastus Kolya
4. those little glowy doppelganger-making crystal things
5. Iratus Bugs
6. a certain regulation

Character: LtCol John Sheppard
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
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